Responsible Tourism

VisitScotland plays a lead role in the development of responsible tourism through taking direct action on issues under our control, as well as encouraging and supporting responsible tourism development through influencing and collaborating with industry, communities, destinations, visitors and strategic partners. There are four strands to our Responsible Tourism Strategy for Scotland:
  • Support Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy
  • Ensure tourism in Scotland is inclusive
  • Ensure tourism contributes to thriving communities
  • Support the protection, and considerate enjoyment of Scotland’s Natural & Cultural Heritage
Respecting nature and contributing to develop the local economy is important and a chance for many Scottish businesses to create innovative and sustainable projects. Responsible Tourism has a wide range of benefits which Scotland relies upon as a destination.
VisitScotland Travel Trade Team has compiled various tools to help you create sustainable programmes with our dedicated itineraries and a list of suppliers that have been awarded Green Tourism and working hard to support the economy in connection with the environment. Further inspiration can also be found in our consumer website Sustainable & Responsible Tourism in Scotland.

Responsible Itineraries

VisitScotland Travel Trade Team has created a series of Responsible Itineraries reflecting VisitScotland’s commitment to the development of responsible tourism practices and a net zero sector, by protecting Scotland’s natural assets now and for future generations. Our inspirational itineraries will feature a variety of responsible experiences, including enjoy a walk in one of Scotland natural reserves, explore a city with an electric bike or eat a delicious meal made from sustainable local produce.



Scottish Suppliers

A list of suppliers working with the travel trade is available on the travel trade site. Check our comprehensive list of suppliers who have stepped forward and committed to special rates, discounts and commissions exclusively available for the travel trade. Within our list of suppliers a special category has been created for those companies who have also developed Responsible products and/or are part of the Green Tourism scheme.

Green Tourism Certification

Tackling climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing Scottish tourism now. The green certification is a guarantee that the business you want to promote on your social  media channels or book as part of a trip you are planning for your clients is committed to the environment and community by increasing sustainable business practices. Check our VisitScotland corporate site to learn more about the Green Tourism Certification Schemes Scottish businesses are applying to and the criteria a business needs to implement to officially become green certified.



Respect the Landscape

We’re asking visitors to show their commitment to preserve Scotland’s natural assets and beauty for now and generations to come, tread lightly and consider how their behaviour impacts each other and Scotland. Your clients will be able to explore most of Scotland’s outdoor land, but it is important to be safe and prepared with the correct clothing and equipment. Please read and share our Guide to Safety Outdoors and learn how to tread lightly in Scotland.



Responsible Tourism Toolkit

On VisitScotland’s Digital Media Library you can access our Responsible Tourism Toolkit  where you can find a wealth of images and videos,  spanning from responsible businesses and best practices to outdoor activities and camping. Please register to our Digital Media Library for free and get access to a wide range of assets you can use to promote Scotland responsibly.

Inclusive and Accessible

Scotland is a naturally welcoming country. Inclusive tourism ensures that all visitors can have a great experience without barriers. On the Travel Trade website you can find a list of suppliers working with travel trade that categorise as accessible and inclusive. More on accessible holidays can be found on our consumer website where you can browse further ideas and detailed access information on attractions, activities, food & drink and places to stay across Scotland.